After Yasi

June Perkins and Residents of the Cassowary Coast

Finding the Smile Within

The memory of that Yasi filled cylone night is something that will never be fully erased, but the kindness since shown is something that with time will be more powerful.


Book Description

There have been other natural disasters of a greater magnitude than Cyclone Yasi in terms of damage done, and lives lost, but this book addresses one thing common to people everywhere going through them and their aftermath: how people recover the ability to feel normal when there are physical reminders everywhere of what they have just gone through.

About the Author

  Until last year June Perkins was an active regional writer mostly known for her blogging, poetry and contributions to ABC Open. She is now adapting to life in the city. Her blogging style is eclectic, including memoir, essay, meditations, song lyric, poetry and magical realist stories in the world of Soul Food. She loves Read more »