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Very touching and sensitive with a deep recognition and respect that comes from personal experience. I today thought how frightened I did become the night Yasi came. I asked a friend working in Natural Resources whether there is talk of another cyclone coming this next season? Her answer was “not if the mango flowers are blooming and they’re prolific right now” Apparently the old people say no cyclone will come if there are plenty of flowers. Mmmmmm I can smell those yummy mangoes already!


 Dear June, Your commitment to documenting the aftermath of Yasi is remarkable. Through your words and images we can gain an understanding the struggles, recovery and resilience, both personally and in your community. With so many natural disasters are happening…I believe our mother earth may be vying for our attention. Thank you June for teaching and showing us how to work and heal together.  Your friend, Jani


June, I’m so pleased you’re working on a series of articles about Yasi. This is a worldwide experience and your insights will bring knowledge to folks who don’t live in cyclone or hurricane zones, as well as comfort and hope to those who’ve experienced the fear and damage. I’ll be looking forward to your next article. My congratulations to those who thought of this project–great idea–good luck with it!


(These are not included in the ebook, just on this site)


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