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I took the time to read your book. I’m so impressed by the photographs you took. Most have smiling faces amidst the ruins of the cyclone. It’s so sad to think that a tragedy reminds us what is important. Family, community, music, smiles, and pictures. Many people who lose their homes lose their family photos, and that too is a tragedy. Thank you for sharing.
The words and poems were so touching and as I said the pictures were awesome, from the beautiful flowers, to the devastation and destruction of homes and nature. It’s a beautiful book, well done. You captured the moments.
L&K Helene, Story Cartel Critique group
I have just had a very quick look but what an amazing book. You should be very proud. I would love to have a copy here for our resources.
A Queensland Arts Organisation
A stunningly illustrated book compiled by June Perkins and others, AFTER YASI tells the stories of recovery, healing and community; also a beautiful insight into rural life in Northern Queensland for those who have yet to visit our region.
Joanna, review reader, Townsville.
I just looked through your e-book and it is fantastic – very beautiful indeed and touching. I love the ‘chainsaw optimism’ pic especially. Just shows how words and pictures together can be so powerful. I think you have produced something so excellent. This will be great as a hard-copy coffee table style book.
Nigel, Review Reader, resident in Africa
This is a fantastic book. Not only do I love the piece about Back on Track but I love the pictures the comments and the smiles from everyone else. Well done and I look forward to buying the finished product.
Brendan, Australian Rotary Health
Oh my, what a gorgeous piece of work.You are a true artist in so many ways.
Danielle, former Lower Tully resident
I had a quick look at your After Yasi Blurb book and I’m very impressed with the amount of creative projects you’ve produced in the last couple of years. The book looks stunning. I’m impressed that you are able to capture fantastic photographs of everything you get involved in. I know how hard this is. Well done in putting all your experiences and hard work in this beautiful book.
Leandro, ABC Open Mentor


After Yasi Copyright © 2013 by June Perkins and Residents of the Cassowary Coast. All Rights Reserved.


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