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Cardwell Shoreline after Yasi


Dear Reader and viewer,

Sometimes, as a writer, I’ve found myself unable to fully express to people outside of the Cassowary Coast, just what we went through and how it has felt to be on this recovery journey. This has been when I have turned to the power of the image.

This book, which began life as a photo exhibition capturing moments of renewed joy, would not have been possible without the enthusiasm and cooperation of other members of the community responding to the images and giving their perspective on the events captured.

It addresses one thing common to people everywhere after they have been through a natural disaster no matter what its magnitude: how to recover the ability to feel normal when there are physical reminders of it everywhere.

One of the biggest impacts on the local community has been people having to leave the area. They may have remained here for many years if not for Yasi, but on the other hand maybe Yasi just gave them the impetus to make important changes in their lives.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story. I hope this book will bring comfort to people when they unavoidably encounter a natural disaster, or if they are recovering from one now. I hope it explains the resilience and strong spirit of the Cassowary Coast people recovering their smile within and rebuilding their community spirit, and reminds people of the Cassowary Coast why they are so happy to call this place home.

To make the most of the ebook click on the links to videos, photographs and blogs.

You can still leave responses to many of the hyperlinked stories and many of their creators would greatly appreciate your feedback.

All the best, June Perkins


Cyclone Video Story: The House that Shook


After Yasi Copyright © 2013 by June Perkins and Residents of the Cassowary Coast. All Rights Reserved.


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