3 Power of Photography

Many of the photographs I took of the year after Yasi are of creative events: the Expo day at Mission Arts, a Writing Workshop with Jan Cornall, Book Launches of Cyclone Yasi Our Stories and True Spirit of Cyclone Yasi, creative sharing days, and Song Writing Workshops through the Queensland Music Festival.

I was attracted to being with, and photographing, people enthusiastic in creative activities. I came across creative acts of defiance, like Christine Jenkins and her anchor. I think creativity is an important way of finding optimism even when life gives us difficult times. We had to move house twice after the cyclone, which was distressing, but so many of our family friends were worse off and moved several times or lived under tarps or in garages. Seeing all the broken buildings and forest caused an intense longing for pre-cyclone days. This was why I started photographing joy.

– June Perkins

June and Tandia (Pam’s granddaughter)


After Yasi Copyright © 2013 by June Perkins and Residents of the Cassowary Coast. All Rights Reserved.


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