5 True Spirit of Cyclone Yasi

Moala Sitapa and Jenny Ottone


My decision to attend the launch of The True Spirit of Cyclone Yasi was made in support of a good friend, also one of the writers published in the book, who had been one of my life lines and means of support throughout Yasi. I didn’t really stop to consider the actual reason for the book.

Since Yasi there hasn’t been much time to reflect upon the impact it has made on my life. The business of recovery and ‘soldiering on’ is what I have occupied myself with.

Since Yasi we have been inundated with real images of destruction and damage. Every day as we step out our front doors we are greeted by giant trees still uprooted and empty plots where houses used to stand; we still support friends and family whose lives have become almost nomadic thanks to Yasi.

The experiences that were shared and the familiar faces of those who attended the book launch helped me realised how aptly entitled the book is. This realisation solidified whilst I was reading the stories in the book and  brushing away tears that had been postponed.

The launch was an experience of healing and a reminder of hope. Reminding me, and I am sure many others, that amidst all the destruction and loss at the hands of Yasi, the true story and spirit of Yasi is one of kinship, resilience and the road to recovery.

– Moala Sitapa

Images of Launch of The True Spirit of Cyclone Yasi

Book True Spirit of Cylone Yasi


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